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  • Robust Training Allows Franchisees To Start Strong and Scale When They’re Ready
  • A Growing Pet Industry Offers Consistent Demand
  • With Franchisees on the Executive Team, the System Is Led by Those Who Understand the Ownership Experience, Driving Expert Support
  • Dog Training Elite Caters To Community-Minded Entrepreneurs
  • Repeat and Referral Business Drives Growth
  • Home-Based With Low Overhead Costs
  • Multiple Revenue Streams From a Wide Range of Services, Including Training Dogs and Their Families in Their Homes

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Quick Dog Training Elite Franchise Facts

Dog Training Elite’s Story

Since day one, Dog Training Elite has aimed to provide franchisees with a low-cost, home-based, supportive and scalable business model in the booming pet industry.

Dog Training Elite stands out with its comprehensive range of services, including obedience training, puppy services, service dog training, personal protection and therapy animal training. This diverse portfolio allows franchisees to cater to a wide range of client needs, tapping into multiple revenue streams within the booming pet industry.

Dog Training Elite prides itself on staying up-to-date on emerging trends in the industry and training franchisees accordingly to provide a range of services for a variety of dog types, breeds, ages and temperaments.

Our Culture

Dog Training Elite’s strength lies in its ability to customize training programs to fit the unique needs of each family within a local community. Whether it’s introducing a rescue dog to a new home or training a service animal, the brand’s trainers work closely with families to achieve their specific goals. This flexibility makes Dog Training Elite an ideal partner for a wide range of clients, including millennials, busy families and those with support dogs. Under the new leadership of Feaster, Dog Training Elite is poised to continue its growth and innovation. With a focus on expanding services and refining training methods, the brand is dedicated to enhancing the lives of dogs and their owners nationwide.

Leadership with Proven Success

The brand is led by Betsy Feaster, a franchisee-turned-franchisor with a no-nonsense approach and strong business acumen. Her leadership offers franchisees the benefit of experience and a clear vision for success, ensuring they are part of a brand that’s guided by someone who truly understands the intricacies of franchise operations.

Unique Customer Offerings

Dog Training Elite offers training services that are hard (or impossible) to find with other providers. Dog Training Elite emphasizes the connection between the dog and handler, which is a major differentiator, but the model also allows trainers to come to the client’s space.

In a world of pet store puppy classes and facility-only training models, Dog Training Elite has a standout offering for clients interested in a more purposeful training experience.

Meaningful Community Connections

The Dog Training Elite mission is to make the communities it enters better through well-behaved pets and well-trained service and support animals. This alone is an incredibly fulfilling purpose for many entrepreneurs, but the brand’s commitment to community goes even further.

Through services like The Malinois Foundation, Dog Training Elite’s national charitable arm, and its national partnership with Vets Helping Heroes, the franchise supports its owners in giving back and making a real impact. The Dog Training Elite leadership team is very intentional about the organizations it partners with and the purposes it supports, but the company also allows franchisees to choose additional efforts in their communities to help give back, as well.

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With many franchisees reinvesting in the brand as they scale, now is the time to take advantage of Dog Training Elite’s low cost of entry in desireable markets

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